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November 26, 2009

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Holiday lighting specials with gutter cleaning service

October 16, 2009

At Gleaming the View were all about the holiday season. Its certainly my favorite time of the year! Nothing more gets you in the holiday spirit so early than putting up Christmas lights in October…lol. Please feel free to call and inquire about pricing or just shoot us an e-mail to set up a time to meet and come up with a holiday lighting design that will get the neighborhood talking and envious.

Portland area holiday lighting

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Gutter cleaning in Portland, Or.

October 16, 2009

Gutter cleaning in Portland, Or.

Visit our site for more details.

Visit our site for more details.

A list of gutter cleaning questions

October 4, 2009

A few things we need to know that helps us be more efficient to your needs

Why do you need to have your gutters cleaned? (Check all that apply)

Water isn’t draining from the downspouts
Water overflows from gutter and drips from joints
Gutters are clogged with leaves and needles
Gutters are clogged with gravel from the roof
As regular maintenance to keep them working properly

Gutter cleaning in Beaverton Oregon

October 4, 2009

Avoid Damaging Your Home with Periodic Gutter Cleaning

Did your basement ever flood?  After a heavy rain do puddles of standing water surround your home?  You can stop this from ever happening again with periodic gutter cleaning.

Often made of copper or vinyl, your gutters are what protects the inside, outside, and foundation of your house from being damaged by heavy rains.  If your gutters ever stop up, water can find its way into your basement and you can end up with an unwanted underground swimming pool.

Architects and landscapers designers use gutters to reroute the flow of water so that it ends up in a predetermined place from which it can easily be drained.  Without having these devices, even if water doesn’t find its way into your home you can still end up having to deal with pools of standing water that surround your house.

Although it’s necessary to have gutters, there are design flaws within each and every one of them.   The problem is that leaves and other debris can block your gutters.  When that happens water can’t flow freely.

In order to prevent this from happening your gutters have to be unclogged with periodic gutter cleaning.  Ideally they should be cleaned both before and after any heavy rain.  An added bonus is that if you keep your gutters clean you will increase their longevity.  This can save you a ton of money in the long run.

This is especially true if you live in a colder climate.  If your gutter gets blocked and the backed-up water freezes in it, your gutters could crack.  They will have to be replaced.

Gutter Cleaning – How to Clean Your Gutters

In order to keep the water running smoothly, there’s no two ways about it, you have to keep your gutters clean.   Even though gutter cleaning is a messy job there is a relatively simple way to do it.

First, put a trash can on the ground below the area you’re going to clean.  Next, lean a ladder up against your house and climb up to the gutter.  You won’t want to go onto your roof to clean gutters because you might fall from it and could end up with a lot worse problems than having clogged gutters.

A lot of people use a plastic leaf scoop to clean their gutters.  They use the scoop to dig down into the gutter in order to gather up all the muck, slime, and leaves.

If it’s been awhile since they’ve cleaned their gutters or if there is a big pile up of debris, a leaf scoop might not be good enough to do an adequate job.  If that’s the case, many people get a pair of heavy work gloves and then try to scoop the junk out by hand.

Whatever method you use, try to drop the debris directly into the trash can you set up below the area in which you’re working.  This will make it a lot easier to clean up the mess after you’re done.

Since the gutters are all around your home you’re going to have to climb down the ladder, move it over, move the trash can underneath where you’re cleaning, climb back up, scoop the leaves and debris out, and carefully drop it into the trash can below.  Then you’ve got to repeat the process until you end up back to where you started.  And, of course, you’ve got to haul the debris away.

A Much Easier Way Clean Your Gutters

This is a very time consuming, potentially dangerous job.  Because this method is so time consuming, so labor intensive, and so messy, a lot of people choose to hire a professional gutter cleaning company.  Search the Internet and you will probably find a gutter cleaning company nearby your home.

And, to find more about <a href=””> gutter cleaning </a>, roof cleaning, window cleaning and more, go to <a href=””> </a> now.


Did your basement ever flood?  After a heavy rain do puddles of standing water surround your home?  You can stop this from ever happening again with periodic gutter cleaning.


September 2, 2009


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August 19, 2009

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